Hello :) I am Stoner.

This is really a new start. I have never blogged on WordPress before, but this is really smooth. I am actually enjoying writing on WordPress even right now while I’m typing.
First and foremost, i would like to thank you readers for if you somehow manage to find this little new blog of mine. Well, welcome to writinglikeastoner 🙂

I’m loving the new address thanks to the wonderful mind of Sakinah Rafael who randomly starts to give me names for a new blog such as this, thank you very much. Despite her claiming to say that she is more of a tumblr-ist than a blogger, she is the best at giving out random names!

I love the word count as well while typing on my new post, and i think this is a start of something great .
Maybe it would be best to start with a introduction of myself then?

Nasri is my name but I am also okay with people calling me Stoner, simply Stoner. 🙂
Singaporean, Student studying in Civil Aviation in Republic Poly, and enjoys the wonderful things life has to offer.
Muscially inclined, and would love to travel. 🙂

I  think there a profile update here somewhere, and I’ll update it there or something ? 🙂

Comment Below here, you awesome one.

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