Saturday’s spent on a Mum’s N Dad’s Event.

Today, i had a whole lot of fun helping out for an event that happened over at  Woodlands Waterfront.
Luckily for me, i got a ride back to and from the place itself , with the help of the RC’ members. What i thought to be a boring event, didn’t really turn out so boring after all. Despite the hot temperature, (like seriously i was 6.30pm and it look cloudy but i was still hot) , the crowds came bigger in numbers.I see families out together on a Saturday enjoying a delightful candy floss and popcorns when they purchased the $5 tickets, which includes the lucky draw, a photo taken and printed out , food for lunch which is really nice 🙂

I spent the hours distributing color papers with a heart shaped outlines on them. The motive of this thing, is to decorate the paper with the crayons and color pencils provided, and just show something which has got related to Love.Later on they were hang over near the Jetty over at the Waterfront. I even did one for myself, too bad I didn’t take a photo of it . Should have brought the camera along :/ haha!

There was also kind of a matrimony of some renewal of marriage sort of thing, I couldn’t remember what the specific term was, but what i liked about it was that they were there to relive the experience of exchanging and saying vows to one another or getting remarried once again. I’m sure it was a memorable one for those couples who were participating in the event. Having someone who has been married for 52 years, and still staying strong, and still exchanging vows, having the lightstick as a sort of ring to be put as a sort of wedding ring , isn’t that just sweet ? 🙂

Having to witness to thing makes me realize of the beauty that comes within having someone by your side. I can just feel the presence or bond that each of the couple had. When i look further, i can see the love that comes from within, the never ending , always giving whole heartedly, and always there to share.  When mom’s and dad’s hold each other’s hand, followed by their son/daughters hand’s, it gives a sense of lovely feeling of bond, the love that everyone shared.

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