Igniting the Ignite! over at the pondok.

School was a continuous wave. As soon as the times were passing by, there comes Ignite 2011 in school, and as the days goes by, I’ve made even more friends, and I’ve been spending myself thinking of the right time to actually have post something up in the blog. Interestingly, I have my sis camera with me and so i decided to take a few photos of what happens.

Friday the 1st of July, was the time i actually had a random night to want to take photos. Ignite wasn’t really as what i expected it would be, but most probably because of the wet muddy area grass, Many people stood away and out of the grass and therefore creating lesser crowds to be gathering in the front. The audio’s and light effects was cool though. I like the colored trees, but i didn’t really go into depth of taking photos of the Ignite event itself. This post is more dedicated towards the people who I had spent with on that day 🙂

Meeting up with the rest over at Pondok 1. Izmil , the twin brother.

Just as me and Izmil were about to go and proceed to the canteen, this lovely ‘zebra’ shirt girl come over and want take photos!
Zyann who was so eager upon seeing the amazing Red Canon  EOS 1100D and went rushing in and eventually now my album over at facebook is flooded with her photos ! Thanks ! 😛

 Managed to saw some of Anarkids over at the event itself.

Despite the muddy flooded grass, I think i still have managed to get a few shots before returning back to the Pondok 1 and chilling like the night it still young. Most likely the great time spent with great friends on this day was a memorable event and a one to remember. Still had fun just being there with them and chill. 🙂



Zyann N Hyqel Turtle

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