Friday’s Chilling with Srpentz = Good good times .

The fasting month has soon come to about how many days now , 5 days? That’s quite fast, and so has the time pass.
I’ve got final tests coming in two weeks time, and I’ve not seriously been going through notes, and writing notes even. Unfortunately, reading the 6P notes is too much to capture, so there’s still need for summarizing and memorization.

Today’s lesson went well though, in fact its one of those days, where i didn’t really had to be so stress on the calculations from the statistics module. Made it through with only me and another person in the group which is quite awesome 🙂 and so then class came to an end.


I’m always looking forward to Friday’s, even if I’m busy for the rest of the day. I like the feeling of having to have Saturday, next to Friday, and having Sunday to look forward to after a good Saturday .BAHA! sounds very “rebecca’ing friday ”
Looking forward to the WEEKEND! OMFG back at ya !

Oh man, i miss blogging. I’m starting to realize that blogging has always been a good place to vent out craziness, and sillyness, open my mind up and just write down all the kind of ‘kabablish’ things that’s just gonna keep coming up in my mind.

Back again to the class came to an end….
And so came the other friends of mine from another class, and we went to play Rainbow 6 Vegas Team Deathmatch, and the other team was definitely stronger than mine. Super elite force VS  the noobish force!  , i manage to score kills though, thanks to the ever so geek-ish me who has always been so into when it comes to games like this.

Ended at 6pm, and I went home to have my dinner with the family, and i had a really nice mee-tomyum, if I’m not wrong, with nice fried chickens.
Went to chill with the Srpentz again this time at Macdonalds Yishun, and it was just a good nice night, with lovely company, talking things out, and basically just enjoy the rest of my night.

That’s life, and i’m definitely enjoying it 🙂

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