Meet up with the Lovely April Tang

School Holidays are here, and I’ve actually dyed my hair the color Mocca after the end of school which is great cause I’m loving it.

Just recently, a girl from KL whom i met at Zoukout 2010 , out of so many out there who was on the dance floor, went to visit Singapore. It was a quite an exciting surprise to be able to see her again for the 2nd time. Truth to be told, I’ve never actually had someone from overseas visiting and the best part about it is that we were planning to meet up and so yes we did. She asked me if i could be her tour guide for the day, and well of course i accepted it! 🙂 How can i not accept it, i was already missing her.

Despite having to live in Singapore, I can assure you that I’m not really a good tour guide!  I’ve not really familiarize myself to what’s going on in Singapore or which place to go , and I’m rarely out going to town or partying(used to but not always XD ) , or places where normally tourists would want to come and visit, so it was only a rough idea of what we’re going to do. There were so many things to explore actually, but given the time constraint, I’d had to make do with what there is.

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We went from Marina Square having lunch to playing pool before heading to Marina Bay Sands by crossing the bridge linked near City Hall, followed by a trip near downtown turning one big round passed the Marina Bay Gallery,  Fullerton Hotel, down to the Merlion and had an ice cream, and back again to Esplanade where we chilled at the sky rooftop!
After awhile then we headed to Bugis Street, to find some laptop stickers which i didn’t managed to find, and we headed to go ahead and have Sheesha near Bali lane, after a good dinner + Sheesha at Nasrin’s , we then head out for the nightlife and to Clarke Quay, one of April’s favourite’s place to hang out, and headed to Chupitos Bar, good music, weird shots ( Had a paddle pop shot)  but its nice though, and went near a bridge to chill and have Chicken in a biscuits + some Corona’s . Weird combination to have but it was still something then nothing.

Overall, it was a definitely good fun and laughter along the way. I was quite glad to have spent the day with her, because I also did managed to explore places that I myself did not know existed, so i was was excited and you know, amazed as well. 🙂 Might as well call me the tourist.

I had a lot of fun, and I just wanna say thanks to April, if you’re reading this, I want you to know that I had a lovely day out with you, and i want to do this again. Hopefully, when the time comes ,I’ll get to visit your place, and then we’ll go more exploring!

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