Bintan Trip With SRPNTS

Ok, so prior to the holidays, I’ve said in my previous post that I will be posting up the things i did during the holidays, and one of them was the trip to Bintan with some of my friends from school. So here it goes,

We met first over at Tanah Merah Interchange before heading to the Ferry Terminal, some of the SRPNTS. There was actually a total of 12 people who went to Bintan,  but there’s some that actually followed along till the terminal to send us off goodbye.

We took the ferry at about 11am and reached Tanjong Pinang and over to the resort in Bintan around 1pm, We then checked into our rooms. Atmosphere was good, it was windy, by the beach, and looks like a good place to chill. The resort was over at Yasin’s and we live in bamboo houses, on top of the waters.

And well, what can you expect , we’re so tired after the ferry ride, we decided to stay in and around the resort  for the first night. Of course we could not forget dinner, we’re so hungry, who wouldn’t be? 🙂

The next day, we went nearby to our resort by shuttle service and went to venture out in the waters, The water there was clearer, and we went deeper into the sea and explore more places.

There was this wonderful house or chalet, that is just by the bay as you can see, and i can just imagine the view to be spectacular during the sunset. Not to forget as the tides goes down, a few locals will be out in the shallow waters searching for oysters, no kidding.  After collecting them, they will proceed on to some of the nearest seafood restaurant around to sell them away. Speaking of fresh. 🙂

The rest of the days was spent going to other beaches, enjoying the scenery and having a fun time. 🙂
Check the other photos out.

Some of us trying to make our own massage Service while chilling by the beach

Passed by an event some of the locals were having and we I had a lovely bakso(meatball) fried in a stick and some goreng pisang
Got to find out that they were actually celebrating their national day, because their actual one falls during the fasting month, so they decided to make a small festival for the village.

This is the Gado-gado, its a mixture of eggs, crackers, and what not, and it was really nice. Its a little different from the one over here in Singapore, and of course they have a different taste. I prefer the one over at Bintan.

Last day over at Bintan, with Ghau’s Signature Pose, He’s the one at the most right.

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