Here we go again, i feel my heart sinking in.

I just realized that the lives of people are of much hard to resist when they are too emotionally attached. After awhile, i was actually into someone , matter of fact, for quite a year now, and looking back, as we grow strong, we start hanging out more, I developed a feeling for you. When I’m so close to you, you’re pretending to go away from me, and when I’m not there, you’re looking for me.

We grow strong as friends, and we laughed all day, i didn’t mind you talking all day, because looking at you just made me laugh as well. We became closer and we’re more than friends, but that’s what i only think. Getting even closer to you, made you avoid me even more, and by then, you might have sensed what i was trying to do.

We’re together but not as much, as with the same clique of friends, you would be with someone else. The thought of seeing that got me jealous all of the time, but i know i wouldn’t be able to say anything because I’ve not yet said out what’s on my mind.

You’re still into having fun, and I’m looking out for a lost soul in need of  someone to really love them for who they are. Blame myself for always trying to fix things up when they go wrong, even if it isn’t my problem.

You may not see it now, but you will see me when you need me. I will be the backstage just in case you fall, and when you no longer need me, you’ll go on your way, and I’d still be waiting unless someone took me off backstage.

I know that looking at someone else wouldn’t work on me, because the moment you look back to my eyes, you’ve got me all tangled up again. Im trying my best to stay cool, and keep it a distance, so that you’ll feel the need to think more of me once in awhile.


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