What is it that bothers you in life?

People have already had their life situated in many different situations, each having a different result and outcome and then what do you do, you group them into two situations, one that bothers you and one that doesn’t.

You cant talk a whole lot about what actually bothers you in life, but what does it actually mean. Have you ever thought about that. What can you deduce from all the things that bothers you, and if you were to put it into place, how then does it affect you in life itself?

I’ve been on my twitter for the past 3 hours and all i see are posts about the things that bothers them. You see a post that you find interesting and something that you can relate to your feelings, tweeting them gives you the opportunity to tell other people that you actually bothered about the situation and wants to make a change. You want it so much to go away, and think of various ways of implementing a change.

You have another situation where you’re very much concerned that you feel like you had to curse and blame a situation for having it to come upon you but you expect nothing from yourself to change that situation and instead come saying
” FML” , “why does this happen to me” , “this — is bothering me and i can’t do anything”.

If you can see, a person who can be bothered about a situation can also not be bothered about the him/her self. How do you see it affecting you now if you were to hear from someone else saying that you simply not bothered at all in life? 🙂

When you look at something that’s bothering you, how are you going to let it affect your life? Are you making yourself useful by being bothered, or are you being not being bothered with yourself?

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