Thinking of the MOOOOOVIES.

Weekend’s just a great way to like spend time and watch movies right? 🙂 
I’ve never had a movie marathon before. I’ve seen people who spend the whole day watching all kind of movies. 

Simply said because when i use to work over at Causeway Point Cineplex previously, there’s always a bunch of regulars who  come by in the morning, and then in the afternoon or night, you will see the same face over again and the most interesting part is that they’re watching movies by themselves. Talk about movie lovers. I think we need more movie lovers like this. Someone who’s in for the love of being in the movies, and don’t mind watching movie alone.

Yeah, talking about having to watch a movie, there’s so many movies coming up! 
I’ve seriously need to go and bring myself to go and watch it all 🙂


and I don’t know there’s a lot more. What other shows would you recommend ? Comment 🙂

Comment Below here, you awesome one.

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