Daily Question By Thought Questions – Comfortable Indeed

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Some of the things that makes me feel comfortable is home, nothing much more better than being at home,it’s just because there’s comfort in my house beside the other reason was to be honest to just lie in my boxers and not feel guilty about it. Well, good friends makes me feel comfortable. It’s always easy to find friends, but having friends whom you don’t have to hide with, someone who knows you inside out. Having a true friend in life is life-changing it does and will be. I’ve still yet to find my true friend though.

Like minded people whom I can easily interact with. Being myself definitely feels comfortable as well. Having to be able to grasp a knowledge or skill that I’m able to master in easily is comfortable as well. 🙂 Good life, good laugh, and good love 🙂

What makes you feel comfortable  ? 🙂

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