Posting on mobile

Look like this is my first time posting on mobile. Gotta tell ya, it takes quite a while to get it typed out. Besides the fact that im typing on a very small keyboard, i can only use two thumbs.
Feels like it doesnt just do the job and then again, i am so used to the click-clacking sound that comes from my unbelivably noisy fingers when i thump my way like nobody’s business on my keyboard 🙂
It gives u that satisfaction, like the ‘oomph’ or the ‘ahhhh’ that u get when u tasted something so magnificent.

But hey who wouldnt want to blog on the go or maybe when you’re enjoying having fun at the park, in the mall or just having coffee. With friends and families. As long there’s wifi, blogging still is quite possible  . 🙂

Comment Below here, you awesome one.

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