It was just like any other day, the holidays had started two weeks ago and now its coming to an end.

Me and Zak just came from the STA Camp over at school yesterday. I had already done the camp last year, so this year, I was just there to help out the juniors from my IG’s (EMP) , which wasn’t really much of a hassle, because i didn’t had any plans going on. So why not. I had to participate again due to the shortage of people attending the camp, but it was still fun. I had fun playing Running Man again 🙂

and my friend Zak has just decided to stay over at my place after my another monthly meeting over at the RC where respective individuals from around the neighborhood comes up together and discuss about having events for the neighborhood and what not besides talking non-stop about what had just happened to the SMRT’s and Taxi fare’s increasing.
I don’t know, I don’t find myself to be so into such conversations about tax’s, governments, leader’s, opposition party and all those political stuffs. I know what’s going on, but i don’t want to find myself complaining  about something like this. I’m much more interested in youths, shaping minds, helping the community, raising funds, helping the old, improving the court, organizing events that are worth the planning for.

Woke up early today,Me and Zak headed for the gym near to my house, headed back to school for lunch with another friend Shai 🙂
Zak decided to lend me his longboard till school reopens, so i took the chance to practice around my area for awhile to get used to it, and it’s seriously some tough work. I mean, i need to practice more! =)


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