Daily Question By Thought Questions- Shyness

Oh wow, this is a tough one to say. Tolerate Shyness. In a way, I’m trying to say that life’s too short for us to to keep staying in our comfort zone. There’s actually nothing wrong with staying in our comfort zone. Its good to be comfortable. For myself, I don’t think I can tolerate myself being so shy especially in this new era(although sometime I am but I’m trying my best to open up still), where the social connectivity between peers, friends and families is so important that you require to open up,speak up, be the first to make the move. I can always wait, but what if I don’t try to open myself up. Do something different, try something new. Then it would be like we’re not moving, and life itself is too short to stick to the same general routine every single day. I don’t want to go 50 years down the road, and think back that I would have missed out.

“Oh maybe’, I could have speak to that girl and asked her out, or maybe I could have bring my friends out and had a good time, or maybe I would have earn my parent’s trust if I just tell them my feelings and how I feel” , and the list goes on and on.

(and I’m not talking about work and school like that,definitely it’s a routine you have to be consistent for as much as possible, but more of a general daily activity, you don’t want to eat nothing else but bread every single day for the rest of your life now would you? )

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