Fox’s Hearts and he starts.

The Fox was a complicated one. He was a rare one, and wasn’t like any of the other fox out there. Rare wasn’t the main focus of his story,it wasn’t his in-thing either. he wasn’t like the other brave foxes, full of adventure. His rarity was believed to be cursed, taunted with by the other animals, his howl are as soft as the wind would carry his thoughts and never really reach, but touching the sky.

He was born late, suffered the cold wintery nights through. A slow learner he was, but he developed an artistic side. The other foxes might dampen his strength, but never his thoughts, for he believe that one day, he might just find his true identity.

His dreams was as big as the whole far regions of the earth he could imagine, but is surrounded by the  forest around him. Just outside that forest, there lies a dream . A dream of freedom.
Fox lies just in front of his cavern where he find rest and serenity, overlooking the horizon, and beyond there, was a vast wide and open land, the meadows filled with greenery, full of opportunity. Over there, lies where he believes he might just understand him.

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