Daily Question By Thought Questions : Life 10 Years ago

My life 10 years ago wasn’t exactly all sweets and chocolates. Going back into the past years, I find myself looking over at puppy love and crushes, bullying, and also being in the nerd days. I wasn’t one of cool kids in school. My socks was way above my ankle, and my short pants and big butt, didn’t help me with my image either. BAHAHA!, I cry a lot in class , I had to admit that but I guess when you cry once and complain about it, people have the tendency to want to see u cry even more so that’s school. Oh well the days.  After school,  I’m home most of the time and also on my Gameboy! Smile Other than that, it was just outside activities, and the fun time with my cousins as every Saturday, I’ll be going to my Grandma’s place, hide n seek, catching, going to the arcade was the fun time. I guess the perks of being 11 on that day, was that I knew how to had fun Smile 

What’s yours?

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