Daily Question By Thought Questions : Time

As I grow older, I learn to appreciate the time that people give to me. I just realize that as I grow older, people expect more of me, and the time keeps getting lesser and even way more, you realize you should be supporting yourself. I appreciate the time my mom gave me despite her busy schedules, the time my younger sis has to work, so that my mum can  focus on financially support my polytechnic studies, I appreciate the time my grandma comes my house so even if its for a day, just to spend time with me. I learn that the time spent together be it a 10 minutes talk with my mum, or a vacation, every moment counts. When you start to have your own things to do, you appreciate the time people put for you and that’s what I’ve learn as I grown older.

You know they say, live the day as if it was your last. Time is of the essence. Treasure it, appreciate it. Make good long lasting moments.

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