Fox stepped into the realm unknown.


For as night the grows dark, so as dark as the heart starts to dwell and fonder upon the living of what seems to be a reality or just some man-made fantasy. The world as Fox knew it was believed to have been surrounded nothing but lies.

Vixens as beautiful even as it is known, but beneath within the the masked surface lies an even greater secret to depths of deception. Those fake furs will turn any sly foxes on, but there’s more to that than just a figure of struts and a blink of the eye. It was too late to turn back now.

Fox had stepped into that world, only to realize that he’s lying to himself.

Heart: Why are you doing this to yourself , fox. Why don’t you understand that there’s more to that in you, going into a realm unknown? Going into deep dark side of feelings, as if only I know how it feels like to have been in your situation and you knew it already and you still do it?

Fox could only understand and do what’s right for him now. To let things go for awhile, and go back to the path where he belongs.

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