Chingay 2012 Participation as a Crowd Control Volunteer


The past two days over at the f1 Pit Building was a memorable one, something I would remember for the start of 2012. The unexpected thing was that I didn’t actually planned on it at the first place, but because I had a few friends going so might as well join them and then it hit me, I thought, what the hell, lets just go. I come to think of a quote I once had for myself, ‘Seize the opportunity when one presents itself.’ I still believe that quote helps me throughout my journey of discovering the different things that life has to offer.

I went on ahead to proceed and not knowing what I would do then. I find out after that that my friends and I are separated, and being put into different groups altogether. In this case, I’m introduced to new friends. Most of them was from Year 1’s and most of them was from the same class. I see in front of me for what might seems like a new opportunity to making new friends even if I’m in year 2.

2012-02-03 18.11.34

Being from the school of SEG, I was posted into as crow control volunteer, along with the other 200- 300 volunteers who came from SEG, and the total number of volunteers from my school who participated ?

1200 of them, yes no kidding, that’s like another 800 motivators who participated as well, of course they had the poms poms and cheer, they get to go watch the show with the rest of the audience, but being a crowd control volunteer was also as awesome as any other because for me, I got a chance to walk up and down the aisle of the Art Street just near the entrance of the F1 Pit Building where the actual show, and manage to watch lots of street performances, Mambo Jumbo Dances, Zumba Fitness, mostly organized by the People’s Association (PA),

2012-02-03 21.54.102012-02-03 21.55.33

Met up with Joyce for awhile after and had some pictures taken together ! Whenever she’s around, there’s always some picture being taken, even my phone right now’s full with her self-shot photos.

2012-02-04 16.57.262012-02-04 18.03.502012-02-04 16.47.332012-02-04 18.15.33

2nd part of the day, gets better, we got to find out that there was a change of shifts and we’re tasked to do take care of the crowd inside the show itself. This time round, I was stationed in between two sectors and since I was stationed there, I got to see the show itself and all the different types of floats that walked through the waterway.

2012-02-04 20.05.32

2012-02-04 20.05.10

2012-02-04 21.35.20

The last day of Chingay was really epic. It ended up with a really nice display of fireworks, and up to my surprise, it went exactly at the place I was standing at. I had record a previous one, but somehow it got cancelled, so I recorded the rest of the video of what’s left so here’s the video !

Chingay Fireworks Display 2012

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