IIP Interview and FOP Interview .

Today was like interview day for me. I had known just the day before today that I will have to attend an interview for my internship which pretty much makes the whole a semester of my studies in school, which also means that its really important.

May I bold it again ? IMPORTANT. A Semester without Internship can cause a lot of difference to my overall grade.

Freshman Orientation Program(FOP), was also something that I have been wanting to go for quite awhile, so basically FOP is when the freshman’s comes to school and we’re there to hold a 4 days bonding time, getting the new freshman’s used to the school. The reason why I had wanted to join this was because I enjoyed my time when I was a freshman, I had a lot of fun, I have always like the idea of bonding activities, camps and such. Yet another place to make new friends, an opportunity where you get to go out with the rest of your  friends in the same school of engineering (SEG) and just have fun! So the interview was basically to help out as student leaders/helpers for the upcoming year. I also liked the fact that for my school, we had a last day stage event called Jam and Hop and basically there will be performances, showcases by our very own bands, groups and then partying with friends with our very own local DJ’s.  I wanted both, and I got it.

I just recently cancelled an interview I had with the school regarding an internship with JetStar as a Cabin Crew, and I believe that I did make the right choice even after submitting the resume. I had went it through a few times and had a half-hearted feeling about joining. I understand that the internship requires you to pay 1.5K for your own pocket money just for the training but its not really about the money. I feel like if you want to do something, and I’m the kind of person who wants to do something with my heart whole-heartedly. That way, I’m able to put all my effort and see that it pays off in the end.
I would definitely want a good resume that puts whatever experience you have gained during internship and put it to good use when applying for a job later. An internship that can also give me the opportunity to work for long term after I end serving my NS.

Geez, I wish I could have taken a photo wearing collar shirt today ! It would totally make a good picture for this post!

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