Daily Question By Thought Questions : Honesty

The number one ingredient of a healthy relationship for me is honesty. I feel that a healthy relationship should come with both the person being honest. The simplicity of the beneficial factor of honesty is that just by being honest, you’re simply being you. Be honest because that’s how we feel, of course I don’t mean it in very bad way that you have to tell the person straight to the face that you don’t exactly like the person’s attitude. This ingredient is the key to a healthy relationship because it helps us to explore and adapt to the person. Knowing each other’s true self is crucial and is by far the most critical component that a relationship holds. Face it, no one loves to be lied to, and its best to know the story and deal with it, working your way through it, then beating around the bush and telling lies.

Plus, having a need of a healthy relationship, a one that will last are the ones where one is true to themselves and towards others. By that, relationships grow stronger and that’s how trust, happiness and adaptation occurs.

How about you then? What is your number One Ingredient of a healthy relationship?

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