Finally Its Holidays!



Currently resting at home, after a really awesome last day of the semester . I’ve not been up to par with my blogging post, definitely realize that. Readers, I thank you, for your kind support, wherever you are, I know you’re somewhere there, and for viewing my page, although I’ve just so much to give to you.
I’ve just ended my last day of exam paper, and I finally am able to take the few weeks of holidays now and take a breather. Finally after all the days of just studying and studying, and I couldn’t emphasize on it more, how I had to sacrifice my time, and leave my blog alone for a moment. 

I’ve started developing feelings for my own blog, and start to come back once a while to check if she’s okay. <3.  Yeah it’s a she.

I’ve good news.No not about the holidays, in fact I’ve no plans but to just continue on my driving lessons and get it done with (so I think that’s good news as well, hahaha! ). The good news is that I’m starting my internship this coming April, and I’m really glad that its coming down. I won’t let you know where I’m posted to unless its really confirmed, but I’m feeling excited right now to where they’re putting me in.

Cheers to those who’re having their holidays as well!!

Do you guys happen to have any nicknames for your objects?  Probably a handphone, or a pillow or some sort ! If you do , come and share it with me. So write write write, on the comments !

Comment Below here, you awesome one.

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