Daily Question By Thought Questions : Family Bonding

I wish that Mum, sis and I could get together even more and bond with each other.Do you realize the moment when you feel that everyone’s busy with their own thing, it could be work, or just not being at home. If you do, then you’re in my place. Mum’s been handling customers from 10 to 10, even more than that, to account for more than 12 hours of work every day, I usually have time to see my mum on a Wednesday, provided she’s at home, if not she would be somewhere else just getting a rest, and make her own off day.

My sis is usually working at night shifts, and as you know the circadian biological clock goes, you can’t get good quality sleep without having blind curtains, and a strict timing to get proper rest. Especially when she’s exposed to the sunlight that makes her more active than making her to want to go to sleep. I guess the studies in school about sleep deprivation, helps me understand my sis better, which is why I prefer not to disturb her when she’s sleeping because she definitely need the rest. 

However, I just want my family to bond more whenever we can, because there’s nothing much more important than family.

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