Daily Question By Thought Questions : Complex Situation

A simply way to make life less complicated is really understanding how you deal with things. I honestly feel that life is not really complicated, in fact it just presents itself as opportunities. It is us people whom find that the way of means to solve, discover, ensure and apply to some of the situations to be very complex indeed.

There’s always this level of intensity that applies to different kind of things. Things that are easy to do, its okay for us, we do not really feel is as a complication, but they are just some things that requires a higher degree of thinking, a situation hard to solve, and when this happens, our body and mind has a choice to react negatively or positively.

How do we actually do it, what do we do?
Understanding how we deal with it, can help a lot, of course its just one of the few things that we can do.

Ask yourself, how do you react in a complicated situation? Perhaps when you’re having someone who’s just trying to bring you down at work? , A high school bully? , The bills you’re trying to pay off every month? What impact does it brings to you and the people around you? Does it get worse, or does it get better or nowhere at all?

Ask yourself, have you considered the different options you could take to solve a situation?

Lastly, how do you feel after going through it, do you feel better, or do you feel there’s something that you could have improved on. Reflection.

Through this, i believe we can find ways that we can actually help understand ourselves better, and deal with things more effectively.

How about you ? What do you think of this ? šŸ™‚

Comment Below here, you awesome one.

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