Operation WNF – Really not so much progress

I’ve got to be honest with myself. Keeping track of time, making sure that I eat healthily, exercise consistently, is a really hard thing to do. My plan for operation WNF (Weight And Fitness) hasn’t been smooth sailing. At certain times, i feel like I can do it, and one point of time i wasn’t able to resist the temptation of getting a double cheeseburger, or perhaps having a big full meal of chicken curry with lots of rice. Though I’ve reduced the amount of tendency to stop eating crackers, tidbits of sorts, later in time, I’ll just eat a lot in one go suddenly.

However, I’m feeling more motivated now, that I’m actually posting about it, letting it out, understand that success is earned. I’m not giving up, and I want to, really want to prove to myself that I can do it. I want a body that I can be proud off. I’m glad that so far, my health is improving, i feel healthier definitely.

I hope anyone who’s outside there, who is going through the same to not give up and find ways of means to be able to keep to our goals 🙂

Till then.


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