Operation WNF – 16th March 2012

This time round, I’ve managed to again pull off another day to jog again.
I told myself, no matter whatever i have, I want to do this. It can’t just be a one time thing, so the day before i had make sure I rest my legs, and to jog again on Friday. However late afternoon, I decided to go to school to meet up with a few friends, and since we are chilling there, I decided to take my jog in school.

This time round, i had made a two round jog around school in the hot evening sun. Quite different from what i did back on Wednesday, because of all the heat. I do find it a bit harder, maybe because i didn’t have a proper lunch before jogging. I did what I can, and at the pace i was at, i was trying to run faster than what i did before and it did show. However i ran lesser, but it was still a good run for me.

My lungs seems to be breathing hard, maybe its due to my previous excessive smoking ‘which I’ve stopped’ and asthma since young. After googling over a few sites, here one really useful website that i found.


Its really good to understand why I’m going through such things, and i feel that even things like a small pain. I can now relate to what I been through and use the appropriate actions necessary. I do have some preventive asthma medication, but sometimes i forget to take them. OOPS!

Yeah, well at least now i know the effects and what i should be doing.

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