Project 365 – Day 13 and 14

this time round, the picture was in my DSLR and i was busy the whole day so here’s the two project 365 photos that I have taken on Saturday as well as Sunday.

 Supported my school’s Beat Oncore (Percussion Group ) For Drumzout Audition, and they went through the finals ! Awesome job guys!

Day 14

Went to Esplanade to support BlocoSingapura, also a percussion band for the last day of the  Mosaic Music Festival it was awesome!

I feel that this two days have been a really ‘percusshy’ day. Its been awhile since I’ve heard percussion groups playing beats from Brazil and also music like samba, which gives me a whole different aspect and view of the music scene. It was fun, there was such awesome people. and I’ll get to that in my posts later on 🙂

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