Recent Outing with Beats Encore

I never had so much fun meeting new people, especially the ones who are from Beats Encore. They’re a bunch of lovely people and they represent the school for the DrumzOut Audition which happened just a few days back. I got to be honest, they are actually really good compared to the rest who participated in the competition.

The beat Encore guys representing RP!

The power from the drums just blasting through the atmosphere reflects their passion for music, and when i see them, i feel like I’m in their world. I was so amazed at their performance ( or maybe because I’ve never seen one that’s better but never mind that), that i wanted to have join in the fun when they were jumping! 

Crowds for Drumzout Audition

Crowd’s was quite good but i think its because of only auditions, i bet the finals will be packed with even more people!

So if there’s any readers out there who’s local or if you guys are around Singapore and would like to watch them for the finals, do come and support them on the 23rd of June! Location is still to be confirmed but you can always come and check for updates over at B.E Facebook Fan page itself !

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