Operation WNF – 25th March 2012

Today was a Sunday, yet i felt like I have so much energy inside of me because i think i was staying at home the whole day (haha hey its holidays for me)  , I’m not so sure what to do, I was at home, and it was still raining, but be it rain or shine, I was determined to go for a jog around the neighbourhood. Keeping fit is a not just merely a target to live up to, it’s a lifestyle, and in order to do that, I have to be true to myself and dedicate my time to run while i have the time. I feel that it’s not really a bad idea to go on a Sunday night jog.

After the run, i really sweat from top to toe, I didn’t feel it was my best, but I did persevere a little bit more and push. My liver is getting better and i can breathe better now, I feel my stamina slowly increasing and the more i tell myself that I can do it, the more i actually can do it. I slowed down a bit, and jog a bit slower upon reaching the end so i don’t pant so hard after.

(Oh and i  stepped some big nut/fruit on the floor, almost tripped in the wet floor, could have hurt bad and land on some pretty drain railings ) but i didn’t so that was okay.

Time to rest, head out for another day soon. Gonna aim for 5k!

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