Operation WNF – 28th March 2012

I just woke up from my afternoon nap, i saw the watch strikes 6pm, i saw my neighbor’s cat who lives below on the 1st story sleeping on my blanket. The white noise from my fan, makes me want to sleep a little more longer, but when i think about it back, i wouldn’t want to make that as an excuse, so i got up from bed, with the confident mind to complete what I had wanted to do.

“5K today”, i can do this.  I had in my mind the route which I’m gonna go for, it was the same as previous, only taking an extra longer route before coming back home. Unfortunately, my RunKeeper App from my hand phone didn’t get the signal for GPS today, probably due to the weather conditions maybe,  and halfway through, I heard the voice from the app goes, distance 0.0 km .

Didn’t gave up , just went on with what I had planned and sweat a lot.
Upon reaching home and checking if there’s anything i can do about the Runkeeper App website page, i saw that you can add in the activities, so it was a relieve.
Plotted out the route i ran, and was surprised to see that i had passed the 5k.

5K done! 🙂 It was good, I’m definitely going for another round of 5K soon again.
Here’s what i have learned from today.

When you put your mind and effort to it and believe that you can, there will be progress.

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