Rainy days and late nights

It has been raining throughout the whole of this week. I’m thinking that the weather has gone humid. The undetermined and sudden pours followed by the hottest days of the year has definitely affected my sleep somehow. 

I would usually have my sleep with a fan on, but now, when it comes to hot dry nights, I had to have two fans on me without my blanket on, and during cold nights, I wish I had some heater right next to me because my blanket didn’t had do so much effects to keeping me warm. 

Uncontrollable as it may seems, I wonder why is such things happening. Could it because of the reduction of ozone layer in the sky, or could it also because of the polar ice caps melting that is causing this drastic change or irregular pattern of weather. 

Sleeping late night is a no-no for a healthy mind. I’ve not been doing myself justice because I’ve been up to social sites, MMORPG games (yes i’m such a geek), talking on the phone, and holidays is going to be over in a few days time, and so the biological clock inside me is craving for me to activate the reset button. My eyes is wearing out on me, and having to use my laptop for the past hours, wouldn’t just say hours, i would say noon till late night will strain my eyes out. 

So with that, i end my story here. So, i think here’s what I’m going to do.

  • Sleep early
  • Make sure to off all internet communications one hour before sleeping
  • Make sure everything is comfortable
  • Sleep.


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