Attachment is already here so…

I’ve come to realized that blogging and posting every single day, really takes quite an effort. I’ve already come to the start of my internship, and I’m working on shifts now. It has been probably a bit too fast for me right now.

I’m trying my best to adapt to the situation, and getting used to a new schedule. I feel that its not going to be as the same as holidays. I won’t really be able to blog so much considering that my job requires me to be discreet at work which means no photos of workplaces, neither anything related.

I want to be able to still blog for Project 365, because I still think its something worth doing, so I will try to post something something up after work and hopefully I can work something out.


Just recently however, my wallet has just got stolen when i left my bag on the floor of Club Shake along with my the bags of my other friends as i go around taking photos, I’m just annoyed at the fact that there’s still people who can’t stand to see the joy for others. Having fun in the club isn’t enough that there’s a need to ruin someone’s else happiness. I just wish that the person who did this, come to their senses to try and put themselves in my shoes, and actually hope that they realize what they are doing isn’t right and is just wrong.

A wallet that i just got recently is now in the hands of others, but I’m much worried about my IC, debit card and my other important cards. The fact that it had to happened two days before the start of a new work, makes it worse. I had to rush and cancel everything, get new cards now because its really important i’m able to travel.

I’m going to have to see when I’m free now to get myself a new IC, which is gonna cost me more this time, because I’ve lost it for the 2nd time. I hope I’m able to go through this. I have to go through this. I think that I’ve had my worst, I’ve also had my best, so life needs to move on and I shall forget about it.


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