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Hello there!
It feels like I’ve returned home from a camp for the whole month or something. Its been so LONGLONGLONG. GOD, If there’s ways of expressing or having able to hug this blog as a whole i would, but then i would just be hugging my laptop instead.Oh bummer, that’s just sad oh well. :p

Work has been awesome much. 🙂 Loving the people there, in fact, almost of my time is now spent there. The morning, afternoon and night shifts especially. I getting used of working in the nights though,cause they’re usually less tiring than in the morning. Even for me, when the night shift is at about 12 hours or so, I find it easier to handle.
Except for only one part,

Usually what happens during my night shift is this.
1) I will take the bus home back from my workplace at about 8:30am after work
2) I’ll arrive at the bus terminal near my interchange which is quite near to my school
3)  I see the long crowd of RP students, queuing along my bus area, one whole round.

Seeing them queue just makes me miss RP already. In my mind I’ll be like, “Hey everyone’s going to school, and I’ve just return from work, and going home to sleep”

I’m sleeping while most others are awake.. but, thankfully, i don’t have a long queue for my own bus instead 🙂

Alright so, this is just a quick update to say that I’m fine. LOL XD
Write again soon!


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