Daydreaming work and study.

The days has gone through here and there. I feel like a gust of wind, being hurled down and around. The working environment is fast-paced and now I’m letting out a huge sigh over the few months that has passed. 2 months is fast, but it also feels kind of slow. Another 4 months to go, and when i think about it, there’s isn’t much time left to enjoy the working life. I’m enjoying how I feel like I’m starting to earn my own money and help my mum out by taking care of my own expenses for transport and food wise. For once, it felt like I’m eating out of my own hard work.

I’m still in a state daydreaming the idea of studying and the reality of the working world. The urge to want to be out there to work is in my mind, still I’m not yet ready for the working life because I feel like I’ve not sufficient knowledge to be earning a stable income to support myself. I like the fact that I’m living an adult world, but I can’t deny the fact that I miss being a polytechnic student.

The ability to express myself with the friends around me is beyond words when I’m with my friends in and out of school, but when I’m isolated in the working environment where I’m no longer a part of it, I think it took away ‘a part of me’.

A friend of mine told me,
“You look different then before, you used to be all cheerful and happy, but now you look so gloomy”.

Never was in my conscious mind was i aware that i was changing. I guess I can say that the environment you are in change the way you view life, how you react, feel and think. The work is tiring, and at the end day, i look at myself thinking, ‘well this is life, I’m glad that I’m changing to adapt to the work that i need, at the same time, having to experience this path, this road that I might go back or not go back to soon when I finish my studies.

Till then, I’m keeping my hopes up, ¬†believing that this will all pay out in the end and that it was worth the journey, and again how i experience this part of life.


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