Have you ever had that feeling, the moment of ‘realization’ , that somehow, something isn’t really what it turns out to be? 

Friends go away, Family’s going down, people turns you away, basically the whole idea of what you knew of yourself, isn’t you anymore and you’ve ventured on another path, and you wanna think that the path you went back to was filled with the joy, the memories, something you would have want to retain, and hopefully come back to.

When you come back, you’ll realize, oh what happened ? Yes exactly what happened was that they are no longer there. In that moment, that time, with you in your unconscious state of knowing what was going on, assumes , why have they changed? Why are they like this, Why is it that life puts it in a story that says “He and She became are no longer friends. ” or why “They are no longer in this anymore” , “I’m no longer in with you. and “I’m out”

Then after countless of sleepless nights, thinking and realizing, dreaming of situations that could have happened. Was it because, I myself have went and took another route. Has it close my paths, the way i feel, have i chosen willingly to ignore and not do something,and that this action has affect myself unconsciously in the future? 

Was it me who cause all of this change. Then i recalled, “You are what you make of yourself”.
How different it has been this few months, this change, the perspective, the gains, the loss, the wins. Could it be a different situation, if i myself have been in a different way. 

People do not want to talk about the past, afraid of what succumbs, and instead of fixing scars, they would prefer new ones. Some prefer to shut and suffer, while others prefer to talk and live. The same way I look at the people around me, is the same as what other people could look at me. There’s isn’t anyone to be blamed, and there’s no one who’s really right about it either. 

Whatever you make, you become.

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