A Trip to JB.

The trip that lasted a day, though it was short was very pleasing indeed. It feels good to step out from the usual days and take a trip across the border. Planned by my relatives, we were staying at Puteri Pacific Hotel. Added in, it was a trip that which was sponsored by my aunt so it worth the stay.

Rooms was nice though, comfy beds definitely. Even if they had some upgrading works at the time being so no swimming pool, the gathering in rooms, the spirit of enjoying each other’s company in the rooms, watching TV, eating on the floor, diving towards the bed upon opening to room door for the first time. It felt like it triggered a memory of the past, when we were all still very young, my cousins and I.

Walked in City Square Shopping Mall for what felt like the hundredth time, because we practically go there before going to the hotel, after going to the hotel, the next day after we slept, and even after we’re about to go home.

Before heading home, we checked out, and went for karaoke session, and WOW. It’s definitely something I’ve never expected before.

It feels like a meeting room, like a room meant for i don’t know, you know those old films where they have like a (gangster*) clan, and where the bosses will sit in the middle and like there’ll be 4 girls on their sides, and the clan leaders will be feeling like a boss?!* and saying ‘ yeah drinks on me.

This room can actually i guess fit like more than 20 people, 2 TV’s, can’t see the other side, and the food is good too . 🙂 Oh wait, there’s your own personal toilet in the room. 😀

So here’s just in case you feel like wanting to experience something similar, or if you happen to have a hardcore dying clan of karaoke cliques waiting to battle it out, here’s the link to the page for this place.
Neway’s KB

After hours of plenty good fun, it was great to be with my relatives, grandma, cousins, and family. Wish there was more of of these types of gatherings. Overall, I had a really good time, right before starting school 🙂


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