Empty Thoughts, Why are you all around me?

A sleep deprivation, Nothing that’s not easily understood when an empty thought comes to mind. You might say “Hush, don’t think too much and go to sleep”, but what if the thoughts that conquers your mind wakes you up from sleep.

Every single time I try to close my eyes to sleep. My brain will start to function and blurt out foreign materials.  My mind makes my heart not at ease. My whole body, it feels empty, clueless, dull. . If I could make paint turn my dull mind automatically, i’d gulp down a rainbow of colors.

Something is not at ease. Something doesn’t feel right

Freeze the thoughts that comes to mind and i wish i could print it up into a piece of paper so I can understand what’s going on. Freeze the feelings incorporated and write it down on a notebook so I can understand why am I feeling this way.

The way I think now is simply because maybe it isn’t my day, maybe it’s because I’m currently not in balance. I can bring myself to understand that in life there is up’s and down’s. I do hope that this thing gets done with, because its affecting a part of me that I knew not long ago.

The cheerful and fulfilled me.

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