Can’t stop, on my elevator.

I don’t know why, but I’ve been seeing a lot of elevator videos recently. Its like the world around me has gone into a fiesta of elevators or something, either that or there’s like a fetish for elevators.  Elevators pranks especially.

That reminds me of that 50 shades of Grey book I;m still reading halfway, where ‘Grey’ muttered, “What is it about elavators”, . Well Grey despite the fact that you’ve just used it to your advantage and smooch your way through.

The first video i saw was this.

I totally would freak out if this were to happen to me. I laughed at the point of it their reactions, but I’m myself such a scaredly NORMALLY fine ‘cat’ (meowwwwww….) , but I came home just now in the lift recalling that moment, definitely not a good thing if that really happen.

But this, this is really cool.

The things that people do, yes with elevators. I wonder what else they do with elevators. I wish they had a elevator that gives free coke whenever I’m taking the lift heading to my classroom floor. 😀

1 thought on “Can’t stop, on my elevator.

  1. The panic or curious ‘what ifs’ occurs to us as we take a moment into a make believe world riding this time travel machine. Sometimes, we let our juvenile or teenage side take over, pressing all the buttons, or kissing the girl without any care for the consequences. Home Lift

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