If I Was Crazy,

It takes a bit of imagination, down right facing your fears and some ideas from this girl here, KatrinaLabra.

  • I would have run around school with my boxers on
  • Announce in the middle of the canteen and confess to my date
  • Swim in the school pond,
  • Ride the security’s buggy after
  • Do a mohawk hair during my final year presentation
  • Be a dick to someone for no reason(…yes, I’m known to be too kind)
  • Tap anyone I see on the ass, and say you likey? 😉
  • Set a tent in the middle of the road
  • I’d shout Oppa Gangnam Style
  • right after I organize a flashmob of gangnam stylers.
  • Run to every girl and kiss her on the cheek,
  • Bring a model to class
  • Go to Romania
  • Find Alexandra Stan, and share a lemonade
  • Get a troll tattoo.
  • Sail down the River Nile
  • Pay someone to slap the shit out of me :O
  • Battle a rodeo bull
  • Get married to someone i don’t know

but there’s just so much more.

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