Daily Prompt: Hobson’s Choice

If you had to choose between being able to write a blog (but not read others’) and being able to read others’ blogs (but not write your own), which would you pick? Why?

Wow. This is really interesting, but then this is a tough one, I can’t possibly imagine me not being able to read so many wonderful blogs,.. wait, so does this mean I can read my own blog, and then if I’m not viewing other blogs, I’m already not doing this DP here.

Writing on the blog started when I realized writing on a diary was of a tough side, not after long till someone decided to take out my bag and started reading around the class about the crushes i had, ( yes so cheesy i was back in those days it felt like i was part of those classic school kid movies.)

And yes, so if there was a choice , I’d write a blog. I’d write and just pretend i don’t see those followers i had. Might be lonely, but then, I ‘need’ to just let those words out you know. These hands are itchy for some words, and expression is a good way to relieve stress so hey blogging’s the way.


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10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Hobson’s Choice

  1. I LOVE your site – so Christmasy and pretty. Beautiful… I love Christmas… Ok, I know this response has nothing to do with your post, well it actually does, because I couldn’t have read your post which was good, without coming to your site and seeing how pretty you’ve decorated for Christmas. 🙂

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