Please, please make it work.

The project 365 was a bit delayed, I was working on a Saturday and Sunday Shift, and my phone dropped into the water swimming pool, and reason was, well, I had my phone in my pocket. 

Note to self : Don’t ever work with your phone in your pocket, especially when you’re out working as a server for a beach, or at a place where’s a swimming pool is just near your area of workplace. You might never know, a ‘workmate’ of yours, have some silly ideas of suddenly pushing you into the pool, and voila’ that makes your life, a little well, not so good anymore. 

I’m currently in a midst of trying to get my phone fixed, and the button in the bottom middle of my Galaxy S2 phone, which is one of the most important function didn’t work. Apparently, i tried speedy-pressing the small tiny button the for the first 5 mins of when i woke up earlier, I also tried pressing it so hard, it felt like i almost pushed the button all the way in, nope, didn’t work either.

Or,it’s just my phone, seriously, i think it doesn’t want me. I’ve been sending it for repair for two times in less then a month now and now it’s coming to its character again. 



Most of my photos are taken from Instagram, i feel it was first an efficient way of getting my project 365 done, but it isn’t that easy, when things like this happens. Still, life has to go on, so I will still continue what i left out, and in the mean time find other ways of making my projec365 a better one

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