Daily Prompt: Me Time

Today, I was pretty amazed and questions given by the postaday bloggers, i managed to see some really nice poetry and stories.

What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

My ideal Saturday morning would be, lets see

  • Waking up in the bed, stretching to the sun rays shining behind these metallic diagonally striped windows.
  • Might probably wake up, but then decided to stay in bed for awhile longer.
  • Going up see what grandma’s cooking, the food lingering from the kitchen and into the room, nyom, time to eat.
  • Held up my handphone, check a message and see the a Whatsapp message saying how they’d enjoyed last night meetup session.
  • Go to the living room with a cup of coffee, laughed with grandma and watching her favorite show,
  • Mum calling up for lunch perhaps, and then get a text message, saying there’s a really awesome event coming that night.
  • Go into town with the best attire, and dinner before going to the event.
  • Laughed with friends, had a good time with ’em.
  • Go back home and  typed in to WordPress  surprise! some views, yayy! , okay tuck in to bed waiting for the next ideal Saturday.

And haha, no, i was hoping my life was that free and fun, but I did wake up for the first part and saw some food, but the next thing i was going about was preparing for work, and so is tomorrow 🙂 but, nyeh , work hard now, and it will all pay off in the end. Work ain’t bad either, good people and good fun too 🙂

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