Dear Long Forgotten, but not in the heart.

The days dwell longer,
the feelings grow stronger
on days it felt like pain,
You’re like the rainbow after a heavy rain.

A connection like no other,
you invited me over
to so many special occasions
recalled the seasons

I hate that guy,
who played and made you cry,
the disappointing look in your face,
i see you trying to pull a weak rage.

A move i made
though i know friendship was at stake
” i like you” i said,
and you said , let’s be friends instead.

We separated when I confessed,
That deep feeling in my chest,
We knew each other for years,
I recalled my bed was in rare tears.

The story i thought was like a fairytale
how much i heard those stories that fail,
but how am I to know if i keep avoiding,
Thought it might work if i keep trying.

Reading this meant that I’m not over you,
because life back then was so true,
giving in to you, i can’t blame who,
you’re just being honest, about it too.

I put my heart rest, where its at,
recall the feeling I once have had
take it as a lesson to learn
that in life, we’re our own prison.

If we hold on to something
prepare to have nothing
and stand up for the new things
in life that possibility brings.

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