Daily Prompt: It’s Alive!

I have meant to do this, i really have, but the days has caught me up by surprise.
So the question was to

‘Write a Q&A-style interview with an inanimate object’.

I was roaming around in the house, something caught me by the corner of my eye. A fluffy lion came upon me, i approached with caution, he looked me with a smile and curiously, he allowed me for an interview.

Me : Hey how’s it going?
Fluffy Lion : *hey ya know, well everything’s doing great, just doing my thing ya know.

Me : So what do you like to do?
Fluffy Lion : I can’t really say, besides having to be cute all the time, i guess i would say i like pouncing, and running, but oh’ I really like lazing around, you know, most of the time.

Me: Favourite food?
Fluffly Lion : Your grandma’s cooking, but sometimes the smell of onions makes me want to sneeze.
Me : right i see i see. I can relate to that.

Me : What do you think of Alex the Lion?
Fluffy Lion : That chap, yeah he surely got the attention but that was so 2005. Maybe i should go for auditions or something. Make the big hits alongside TED.

What’s your favorite line?
Fluffy Lion : RRRRRROOAAAARRRRRRRRRRR~ , how’s that?.

Me. Thank you for the interview, Mr Lion , that was such a great pleasure.
Fluffy Lion : No worries,call me Fluffy.

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