Daily Prompt: That Stings!

Without this book, i might not be who I am today. There was an amount of influence in this that have totally change my life, and I’ve read this book and its sequels, and the one that stings me the most out of all the other books is a book called The Meta Secret.

Browsing at  a bookstore near my area , i was at the self-improvement section, and there it was, right at the corner of my eye, i catch of glimpse of the book, and just something about the book makes me feel “Ok, I’m getting this one today”. Imagine a shiny glow surrounding this book among all the other books stacked in the shelves. (that’s how I see it in my imagination.)

If i were to describe it, it seems that at the point of time, when I was just searching for something more in life, and there was so many questions in my head. Literally, I went to the book, but somehow it was like a sign and this book came to me instead.

During the journey of reading this book, I was so indulged in its work and the pieces that was put together by so many strong individuals. I’ve read the book almost twice, and I’m still learning the secrets that lies within. Whenever I’ve lost a grip,the world is upside-down, this book helped me understand myself  and the universe better. It seems almost that this book is something that life takes upon itself and it made sense to me. I can visualize and see this half story/ half documentary book in my head.

Teachings of Laws of the Universe, and how we play a part in it, a teaching of wisdom, that’s what I manage to understand through it. Talking to an inner-self, allowing myself to express how i feel, that positive vibe, a sensation i can never explain, but just understand were all by this very book. 

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