End of the life of what you call school.

It marks the last day and the end of school. Today is the day. I’m sitting here in this room, its not normally like this. I would usually be getting up early morning to have to pack my stuffs and get ready for school. There’s this inch of laziness, and also another inch of tiredness when it comes to getting ready for school, but the thought of just going out and meeting the people in class outweighs a lot more. There was a time, when there was no time, complaining to myself that there isn’t time, to do things that i want to do.

Now, i woke up as late as ever, because there isn’t school. I’m still sitting here in this room, and I’m still feeling an inch of laziness, boredom even more. I can’t find the reason to go out because I’m just well comfortable at home, yet I feel like i need to go out because I need to do something. ( i got some problem, really)

I think it’s time to plan,  time to work. (talk about work, i’ve not told my manager from the previous, when I’m going back because i took a break) , so i guess not so soon for work.


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