Holidays after school ; a different feeling.

It feels like as if I have so much free time in the world. Really, to be honest, the way i feel about finally ending polytechnic studies, is seriously unplanned for.Free to rest and lie in bed on a weekday, go out whenever i feel like it. It’s a good thing though, that i finish school, so that I’m able to finally rest, or find work.

I don’t know about the other millions living here in SG, but the way i see it, I already find it a hard time trying to find a casual part-time job. I’m so free on weekdays, and I want to work, and so far my previous job just wants me for the weekend, the job that I’ve been going for interview has about $7 per hour pay, which isn’t bad, but I’ve managed to work on a $10 per hour on my previous job,and been decreased to $8 and just recently been working on a $7 per hour job with a really bad manager who doesn’t teach me enough to at least let me do a decent job. The motivation really comes from the will to work and the need for money, and I would definitely like to keep it at least an $8 per hour, if possible, so that i can save up for the money i need for a home recording studio.

I hope to find a more better job, operations job preferably, this world has got to have a place for me! Please find me, because I want to work before NS comes along and calls me up to serve.

Going for an RWS interview tomorrow. Hope to do my best and get a good part time job.


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