First day of New Job

The tables has turned, for I, has started on my new job and I just had finish on the first day of work. This definitely is a turn around. What’s even more good to know was that i managed to see school friends coming in to the picture.

I was shocked like WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE I WANNA give a BROHUG! but still pretending to be calm and cool about it because of the other girls in the same room. šŸ˜‰

I’m still trying to find my favorite Nike running shirt which apparently got lost in the house somewhere, which has my favorite color on it, (there’s something about the shirt that gives me motivation to push the extra mile) thus the sign below shows, just do it.

The jog was productive, actually i was quite surprised that even after a whole long tiring day at first day of training at work, I can still go for a jog, which is not something that I’m always so into. Normally, it’ll be like “Just finish work today, so tired, maybe tomorrow when I’m not working, I’ll jog.” you know that kinda thing.

If i keep this up, on every alternative day, I think i can burn up those belly fats that have been accumulating, since that heavy meal i had at One Market. šŸ˜€

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