Daily Prompt: Five a Day

You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?

Cíes Islands in Galicia

I have been thinking about the 5 foods that i could use to survive on a island. To be honest I’ve never been thrown in some deserted island or pu through a position where i had to choose what kind of food there is, so i managed to actually find out more from the pro’s of survival, googled a few link’s but i think this was the most helpful.


Food for Protein : Beans help out with protein, calcium and iron, all the basic things and now they can be easily canned beans available so it’s a fast and very helpful in case of emergencies. Just gulp these down and I believe I’m good to go. Check the expiration date though.

Food for Vitamin : I’m going to go for dried fruits. Though it might not be a full satisfying meal, i believe that dried fruits such as dates and berries go all out for the vitamins that I need in order to still survive long enough.

Food for Long life span – Brown Rice. Brown rice, doesn’t last longer than normal rice, but it can be kept for quite a long time. Brown rice contains lots of fibres, and based on experience, i don’t have to eat so much of brown rice to make myself full.

Food for Long time Survival : I don’t if anyone else agrees with me on this, but I’m going to go for seed potatoes. You can actually grow a potato from a potato but having a seed potato would be the best. The average growth of a potato that’s ready is about 6 weeks, which will take awhile, but definitely worth it because it takes really little care to grow them and yet they give a lot of yield.

Last but not least : Water, some good clean water will do good until i manage to figure out how to some filtration device that helps me do some good enough water to survive as well.

There’s so many other choices that i have wanted to make and decided to choose before, but i think these are my 5 choices.

How about you?


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