Esplanade, I’m back again.

The days that brought me back to the area where a lot of things happened. I was sitting right at the same area over looking the Marina Bay Sands Tower, only during that time, it was under construction.

Now with the IR developed, I’m still sitting here again, except with another person. I would describe the whole place has not changed since much. The atmosphere has still the same chill ‘laidback watch the mellow river/sea along the borders’.

English: The Theatre and Concert Hall of in Si...

English: The Theatre and Concert Hall of in Singapore. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those who know this place well, Singaporeans, will know that this area is at Esplanade, the durian shaped tree building.

Overlooking the area, i guess something came back to me. The flashback i went through back in the years, where i had a good time, shared laughters through long stories, The place where i met friends and lose friends, spending time with someone special, spending time with close friends, and new friends and so on..the Esplanade was a place of historical value in my eyes.

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