Thai Express for Dinner


Yam Woon Sen Talay – picture taken from

I went out for an gathering session after work today, and we went to eat at Thai Express. I wasn’t really feeling that hungry since i ate twice the meal at work, so i decided to get something light instead. Picture above was not taken by me, but i did manage to find one that looks exactly like what i ate.

My friend recommended me the Yam Woon Sen Talay, which also means ‘Glass Noodle with Seafood Salad on the sides section of the ThaiExpress Menu and at first taste, it was absolutely lovely. The taste of the glass noodle with this sweet spicy sauce they had around the dish just gave that extra bit of uniqueness. It comes with some prawns which was nice as well.

I would definitely recommend this to those who feels like having a light meal, and wants to taste something special yet maintain that diet.

Best of all, the price was at $9.50++ which is pretty decent, I top it up with an extra plate of rice, for $1, and just drank ice water which was already good enough for me.

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